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How do I know if it is a good location?

The answer to this follows the statement of asking the advice of a professional. But to relate to it directly, ask yourself the following questions:

• Is their a significant customer base for my retail business here?
• Am I a destination business or a drive-by?
• Is there too much competition (or if none, why not )?

• What message does this building send to my clients and staff?
• Can I attract good employees here (or keep my current staff)?
• Does this location work for my staff (calling on clients, etc.)?

• Does this location meet my needs (or can I afford modifications)?
• Will employees follow me to this location?
• What about highway accessibility?

• If I had to sell this property in six months, could I find a buyer?
• If I couldn't build for three years, could I afford to hold it?
• What will this area be like in five years?

The answers to these questions will assist in determining if the location is good for you.

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Commercial Realestate Properties represented by Jonathan Brateman Properties




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