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How Much is My Property Worth ?

TO: The Property Owner
FROM: Jonathan Brateman

In an effort to bring clarity to your thinking and planning for the future, Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc. is willing to assist you by providing a Broker's Opinion of Value.

Based upon 27 years of experience, and employing today's technology based market research resources, Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc. can produce a study which will give you a much better idea of the market value of your property. This report will inform you if this is a good time to sell or lease, what
the market will pay for your property, and what the leasing process entails.

The conclusions of this report are confidential.

Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc. uses a mix of available leasing and sales information, comparables ( when available ), professional judgment, history and market analyses in producing a report.

Your input in the way of access to the property ( which might be better at off hours ), any reports of maintenance, any income records, summary of existing leases, will, of course, add to the accuracy of the report.

The owner agrees to pay a total of $ 795.00 for this report, with a down payment of $ 195.00 and the balance of $ 600.00 due upon receipt.

If, based upon circumstances out of the control of Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc., the report can not be produced in 21 days, then Jonathan Brateman Properties, Inc., will refund your $195.00 in full.

Thank you.


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Commercial Realestate Properties represented by Jonathan Brateman Properties




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